Goals and things

So I thought this year i would figure out some short term and long term goals. I wanted to break then down into quarters so I could have some specific focus. I had some in goals and plans in mind and then I had to go and break my hand. That changed some of the goals and timeline for this quarter but oh well, what else can you do besides trying to figure out a creative way to stop from trying to scratch inside the cast? So I decided to try to keep this quarter simple and to start off slow and steady. I decided for this quarter I will:

  • Read four books- 2 self improvement, 1 on business and 1 on finances
  • Consider a proper blog on a specific topic
  • Take my child on a day trip or weekend trip
  • Finish semester early
  • Find a part-time job
  • Try to start an exercise schedule/routine I actually stick with
  • Cook better and healthier meals

I feel like I should be attempting so much more but I also know with my lack of motivation and discipline if I try to much at once starting off nothing will end up happening at all. For me its all about those baby steps and just keep going at a steady pace.

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