Commitment- why is it so hard for some?

I had a goal of blogging at least twice a week but then I broke my hand and got behind in school and and and a million of other excuses could come up. I was really wondering if a broken hand was holding me back from blogging or if it was just an excuse for me. I always have had a problem with commitment. I wonder how do people in relationships for years and how do they keep going? Buying a house what how?? That means your stuck there in the same place, you can’t just leave if you get bad neighbors or the neighborhood starts becoming something you don’t want. When I had my baby I was panicking think oh my gosh I have this person depending on me for 18 years and its not something I can just return like a sweater that doesn’t fit right or a whatever

I wonder if it is just the fear of commitment or other underlying issues that I haven’t acknowledge or dealt with yet. I wonder how much my anxiety plays into this on a daily basis and what is just a lack of motivation. I think I need to reevaluate what I need and what I want to do for myself. For this week I want to turn in class assignments early, look for a job, finish the focal point book and listen to more motivational speakers I have found on Youtube while doing whatever else I need to get done. Its just going to take baby steps and I just have to keep that in mind baby steps.


Following through on goals

Why is it so hard for people to follow through on goals? We say we want a certain thing and would do almost anything to achieve it but when it comes down to it its more like ehhhh didn’t happen this time maybe some other time or whatever. Is it a lack of motivation or self discipline, unclear intention, half- assed planning, or a mixture of different things? I think for me is is a serious lack of motivation and self discipline mixed in with anxiety and depressive bouts. I think oh yes I really want this thing! But then the next second go ugh but the effort it takes man is it really worth it?

I started reading this book by Brian Tracy called Focal Point for one of my reading goals. So far I see a lot that I can use for inspiration and try to implement in my daily life. It talks a lot about motivation and what you need to do in order do achieve your long term goals. One of the first things he recommends is planning your day out the night before and then deciding what are the three main things or goals you want to get do that help achieve the bigger goals. I’m trying to plan out my goals for tomorrow and the rest of the week. I’m really curious to see what will happen, how it will work, and what happens when things don’t go exactly as planned or follows the routine. I think a few of my goals this week will be to spend more time studying for my classes, learn a new skill that I’m interested in, and finish this book. I also really want to try to my hardest to follow through with this idea of planning out my week and see how successful it is, if I need try it some more or if I need a whole new idea in order to see some motivation and become successful at life and this whole thing.

Goals and things

So I thought this year i would figure out some short term and long term goals. I wanted to break then down into quarters so I could have some specific focus. I had some in goals and plans in mind and then I had to go and break my hand. That changed some of the goals and timeline for this quarter but oh well, what else can you do besides trying to figure out a creative way to stop from trying to scratch inside the cast? So I decided to try to keep this quarter simple and to start off slow and steady. I decided for this quarter I will:

  • Read four books- 2 self improvement, 1 on business and 1 on finances
  • Consider a proper blog on a specific topic
  • Take my child on a day trip or weekend trip
  • Finish semester early
  • Find a part-time job
  • Try to start an exercise schedule/routine I actually stick with
  • Cook better and healthier meals

I feel like I should be attempting so much more but I also know with my lack of motivation and discipline if I try to much at once starting off nothing will end up happening at all. For me its all about those baby steps and just keep going at a steady pace.

New starts and new beginnings

So, I decided I needed to try something different this year in order to keep myself in order and stay on track. I needed something to keep me motivated and just something for me personally. I also wanted to be able to document my journey for my own memories. So hi and welcome to my blog. I’m a 30 something single mom who feels like due to some of life’s issues I may be behind a bit in where I feel like I should be in life personally and career wise. I feel like I’m stuck somewhere my mid-twenties which I hope to change. There are a few things I hope to change, explore, and focus on this year. I hope to make this blog a consistent- at least blog two times a week and well yes, lets just start with this one easy goal at first.